Standard Rock Tour

Our Standard Rock Tour consists of four stops.

It will take approximately 1 and a half  hours and our licensed guide will take you from the Pillars of Hercules to
St.Michael’s Cave, the Apes Den and to The Great Siege Tunnels.

From the Pillars of Hercules you will see where the Mediterranean Sea meets with the Atlantic Ocean and on a clear day have a magnificent view of Africa.

St. Michael’s Cave is host to thousands of visitors every year.

A beautiful natural pre-historic cavern formed over thousands of years.

The Top of the Rock will provide breathtaking views of the Bay of Gibraltar and there you will enjoy a little time and interaction with our famous apes.

Lastly you will see our Great Siege Tunnels that will take you back to the late 1700’s.

These tunnels were built by hand, crowbar and pick in only one year by the forefathers of the Royal Engineers.

Once our tour is complete our driver will gladly drop you off at a destination of your choice.

We would like to inform clients that we have now added several vehicles that have been adapted to be wheelchair friendly.

At present we can only cater for manual collapsible chairs.

The Association is looking into the possibility of adapting some vehicles for electrical scooters but sadly this will still take a while.

Due to the limited availability we encourage booking in advance.

Once an old Jewish burial ground existed in the surrounding area now affords great views of the Straits of Gibraltar. Here you will be able to take pictures with a monument dedicated to the Pillars of Hercules.

St. Michael’s Cave is a beautiful, prehistoric cave formed over millions of years. The cave consists of a main cave called ‘Leonora’ and a lower cave simply called ‘Lower St. Michael’s’. The cave consists of a labyrinth of natural passageways and smaller caverns.

The cave has had many uses in the past. It is believed the cave was the home of the Neanderthal man and recently a cave painting found is indicative of primitive life. Today the cave is a natural theatre where shows are held occasionally.

The Top of the Rock affords spectacular and breathtaking views of the Bay of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean and the Isthmus.

Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where monkeys live in the wild. Native to Northern Morocco and Algeria, these macaques probably found their way to the Rock of Gibraltar on board merchant and pirate ships. There are approximately 250 monkeys in Gibraltar and they make up 6 distinct families or packs. Each pack is led by a dominant male (or Alpha male) who is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of that family.

There is an old British military saying that states that “as long as the monkeys stay in Gibraltar, it will remain British”.

The Great Siege Tunnels takes us back to the late 1700. In 1783

they were built by the forefathers of the Royal Engineers. They were built by hand using crowbar and pick in only one year. This tunnel was built to transfer a cannon to a ledge “The Notch” in order to destroy the Spanish fortifications as and when they were built. From this vantage point you will be able to see beautiful panoramic views.